Bricks Power Washing

brick-power-washingWhile Botox and other cosmetic surgeries can shave years off our human face, you can do the same thing to your house when you avail of pressure washing bricks services. Our company, Hydro-Kleen, offers pressure washing for your bricks, driveway, decks, patio, and concrete to make your house look new. But if you’re not yet convinced about why we’re the right people for the job, here are the things that you can expect from our services:

*We know different bricks. It is part of our power washers’ training to identify the components of your bricks, which can help us determine just what kind of chemicals and methods will be used in cleaning your walls. Bricks that are too porous should be gently exposed to pressure to prevent them from collapsing.

We inspect your walls first: Cracks and gaps should be repaired and sealed first to avoid water or chemicals from seeping into the walls. We do the inspection to ensure that we won’t do any damage to your property.

We know our chemicals: We’re all professionals who are educated and trained on what chemicals to use for pressure washing bricks. Just like what was mentioned before, we study the bricks that we’re about to clean first before doing anything else. This is how we know the strength, porosity, and other factors that would affect how the walls would react to the chemicals and pressure that we’re going to use in the cleaning process.

We know exactly how to use our pressure cleaners: For walls, cold water would be better. Soaking the walls with water for a few minutes would also prepare it for the chemicals that we’ll be using to complete the cleaning process.

If you want to get rid of the mosses, fungi, lichens, and other foreign things on the walls of your Toledo house, we can do the pressure washing for you. We assure you that not only will you get clean bricks, but fully intact walls as well.