Concrete Power Washing

concrete-pressure-washingSimply scrubbing embedded dirt and debris off a concrete surface won’t be enough. If you insist on doing it, you’d have to deal with such a time consuming job that might not even give you what you need. However, an easier way to handle this task would be to hire our pressure washing concrete services.

Hydro-Kleen has experienced people who can handle powerful pressure washers to clean concrete surfaces, brick walls, driveways, and more. Our company also offers the following benefits to the homeowners of Toledo, Ohio:

Save time: Pressure washers can finish the job of concrete cleaning so much faster than manually scrubbing the surface. A single motion from the pressure washers can remove and rinse the dirt off the surface all at once. If grease and oil are involved, we have the right chemicals that will remove them completely. We also use super heated water in washing off oil or grease stains. Instead of doing the cleaning, you can spend your time relaxing or enjoying picnics with your family.

Save money: You don’t need to use a lot of water and detergent to do the cleaning, hence reducing your utility bills. Our pressure washers can take care of everything without wasting water and money. This is a more cost effective solution than using pail after pail of water to keep your concrete clean, while you’re down on all fours trying to make the surface look new.

Save your property from damage: We have trained and seasoned cleaners who know exactly how to use our power washers and determine what chemicals should be used, depending on your needs. If you entrust the cleaning to an inexperienced team, they might end up wrecking your concrete or producing less than satisfactory result.

Prevent accidents: If you have a clean concrete surface, you would encounter fewer to zero slippage or accident.