About Us

Cleaning any house for an occasion or after it has gathered some grime and dust is not easy. Even if you choose to clean the whole house yourself you never know what dangers you may be exposing yourself to and you may still not achieve your desired results. This is why you should hire a professional service like Hyrdo-Kleen from Toledo. We will not only take care of the safety of your property but also the safety of the people within the property. Using a local Toledo power washing company is the best way to go about cleaning any dirt thing you may have.

Pressure washing makes it easy to clean those hard to reach areas. We have the right equipment to get to all those nooks and crannies and even places that are out of reach of your hands. You may try to get yourself to these places and put your safety at risk but if you leave it in the hands of professionals like us we will do the job well and at the same time safely. Our team of experts have the technical skills to conduct all the work well and in a manner that will not compromise their safety or that of others.

When you seek Toledo power washing services you are assured of a high degree of cleanliness, cost effective services, time conscious work and a mode of cleaning that is also environmentally friendly. It is therefore important for you to hire a great company like ours because you know your work will get done in a perfect way. Whether it is residential or commercial property we have the equipment and expert manpower to get it all done so contact us today and find out more about what we do.